It wasn’t a tradition, really.  But somehow that Thanksgiving stands apart from all the others in my mind as being…what Thanksgiving is all about.

I was 11 years old.  The dynamics of my dysfunctional family had shifted, for better or for worse.  Richard, a stepfather of sorts, had “temporarily” moved to Fairbanks “for work.” It was the first time that I could remember feeling things like security, safety, relief, even happiness.

For at least that November, it was just me, my brothers, and my mom.  We bought tickets to The Great Alaska Shootout which is a college basketball tournament that comes every Thanksgiving in Anchorage.  So for Thanksgiving weekend we headed to the big  city.  We even rented a car; stayed at a hotel.  We ate at a buffet called the Kings Table.  On Black Friday we went into big stores like Sports Authority and JCPenny.  We bought cassettes of our favorite bands (CD’s were still pretty new and expensive).  We all had the flu but I don’t remember that.  I just remember feeling close with my brothers and my mom.  I just remember feeling the absence of tension and fear.

I remember feeling peace.  And clarity.  That feeling when you know, or at least believe, that things are okay.  Everything will be okay.

I am grateful for that memory.  That was my last Thanksgiving with Mike, my brother, who died the next year.  I am eternally grateful for that memory.

SPIN Article on Alaska Music Scene

By far, the coolest article about Alaska I have ever read.  They did a really good job capturing what it is about Alaska that does it for Alaskans and what it is to live in Anchorage.  They featured some very talented artists like The Whipsaws and The Meg Mackey Band and also mentioned one of my favorite places in Anchorage:  The (new) Taproot venue which is in Spenard now.  Anyway, please have a read.  It is defiantly worth it.  :)

SPIN Article:  The Call of the Wild: Alaska’s Untamed Music Scene

The Whipsaws

Hot Winter Knits

I’m not going to lie, it feels a little strange to be knitting when it’s 91 degrees out.  I feel like I should be making cotton dishcloths instead of chunky cowls.

What might be stranger is the fact that it’s 91 degrees out for the high today…and it’s…NOVember!

Don’t think for a second I’ve let it stop me.  :)

Here is a link to a cool knitting post I found with other cool knitting links.  There are some really good ones on here.  I found it on Pinterest.



the right to VOTE

Photograph by Robert Whitman

I have grown accustom to knowing who the president is before I even make it to the polls.  One more great thing about living on the mainland, the lower 48!!

My vote counts today because I stand with the majority in my state.  I would still vote, though, even if my opinion wasn’t popular.  Because I can.

I hope you do too.

Trick or Treat

When I think of Halloween, I picture my 5 year old self all face-painted and decorated in some disheveled princess or witch outfit..underneath a beanie, a snowsuit, hat and gloves (pinned to snowsuit) and sorrel boots.  I think of shuffling up to the doors of houses and muffling, “trick or treat” from under my scarf and then telling the person at the door what I am because no one can ever tell what you are underneath a snowsuit and hat.

I am grateful for living in Arizona.  :)  If ever I have children, they will always be able to wear their entire Halloween outfit, even the princess shoes or the fireman hat!  And people giving out candy will always be able to tell what they are

Happy Halloween.  Here’s hoping you don’t have to wear a snowsuit over (or under) your costume.  :)

from Crystal Coast Gardener

meet the locals

Something I love about the Phoenix suburbs is the sporadic blocks of miniature ranches disbursed throughout.  Gilbert has most of them I think but they are all over.  Here, I got to meet a few of the “locals”  ..

bossy turtle herds the “cattle” lol

the variety pack

feed me!

Total Eeyore face lol

What I wouldn’t do to own a sheep or two.  One of these days!