Higley Hotdogs

Now that I’m pregnant, I’m learning that very few foods will satisfy. KFC and strawberries with whip cream are in.  Pretty much everything else is out.

I recently discovered another food I could add to my menu:  Chicago-style hotdogs… Mmmmmmm…

Normally, I am a hotdog purist:  hotdog+bun+ketchup = nothing fancy.

But BabyTots has something else in mind: mustard, pickles, onions, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes!  Higley Hotdogs does it best.




On Higley and Williams Field Rd in Gilbert, Higley Hotdogs is nestled between a feed store and someone’s house.  When you go to park, you realize you’re facing 2 other houses, which I assume are the owners (otherwise, that would be kind of awkward).

You walk up and order your food like at a concession stand.  And if you want to sit and eat you just go around to the front of the building and walk inside.

And then you sit down and you open up your paper bag and you see this:


And that is when you die and go to hotdog heaven…The End.